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Expand the Equity Base

• Cross-border and domestic mergers, divestitures and acquisitions of companies.

• ADR and GDR issues in the international capital markets.

• Advice to the government and potential private investors in the privatization process.

• Initial public offerings (IPOs) and listing companies on international and domestic exchanges.

• Preferred stock issues.

• Debt-equity swaps.

Enhance Liquidity and Creditworthiness

• Structuring mutual funds and investment funds.

•  Restructuring local and foreign currency liabilities.

• Securitization of assets.

• Exchange of liabilities.

Diversify Sources of Credit

•  Sovereign and corporate international and domestic bond issues.

•  Structuring financing with domestic and foreign banks and multilateral institutions.

•  Development of new sources of capital.

Price-Risk Transfer

•  Exchange of assets.

•  Structuring repurchase transactions.

•  Structuring non-recourse asset sales.

•  Structuring hedging alternatives.

Work Scope Alternatives

•  Business Strategy Review and Assessment.

•  Formulation of Transaction Strategy.

•  Valuation Analysis.

•  Preparation of Presentation/Selling Documents.

•  Finding the Right Buyer/Target.

•  Negotiation Guidance/Strategy.

•  Financial Restructuring/ Bankruptcy/ Negotiating with banks and capital providers.

•  Due Diligence.

Business Strategy Review and Assessment

•  Assessment of present and future business strategies.

•  Comprehensive evaluations outlining the optimal route to success. These may include considerations such as the infusion of new capital, collaboration with partners, acquisitions, spin-offs, or restructuring.

Valuation Analysis

•  Holistic valuation analysis that goes beyond historical performance and takes into consideration intangible assets such as managerial expertise, brand recognition, and growth outlook.

Formulation of Transaction Strategy

•  Well-defined planning that delineates the most efficient strategy for achieving your objectives.

Preparation of Presentation/ Selling Documents, finding the Right Buyer/Target

•  Exploration and identification of potential buyers or targets.

•  Buyer’s Ability-to-Pay Analysis to understand buyer’s capacity to transact.


Negotiation Guidance/Strategy

• Proven history of effectively navigating intricate negotiations involving various stakeholders in challenging scenarios, ranging from addressing diverse family interests to formulating management incentive structures.

Due Diligence

• Commercial and financial due diligence conducted through a thorough review of industry and company materials.

Financial Restructuring/ Bankruptcy/Negotiating with banks and capital providers

• Vazas specializes in financial restructuring amid challenging economic or financial circumstances. We understand our clients’ needs, as well as the financial motivations and limitations of lenders and capital providers in demanding and dynamic economic conditions.