Vazas and Co. Board of directors

Gonzalo E. Vázquez

Cofounder and Managing Director

Gonzalo E. Vázquez has 35 years of extensive experience in corporate finance and investment banking, particularly in the design and implementation of corporate debt structures; corporate and sovereign debt restructuring; syndicated loans; leveraged buyouts (LBO’s); initial public offering (IPO’s), mergers & acquisitions (M&A’s), divestitures, and start-ups.

He has worked for numerous important and prestigious private-sector companies in Venezuela, starting in 1985 as the assistant to the treasurer of C.A. Venezolana de Cementos (Vencemos) and in 1988 as Chief Financial Officer for Protinal C.A.

Gonzalo was a managing partner in the investment banking firm Oberto, Sosa, Vázquez & Asociados (1990). The firm had a strategic alliance with Banco Provincial (Venezuela), Credit Lyonnais (France), Chemical Bank (USA), and a similar formal association with Merrill Lynch & Company.

In 1995, Gonzalo founded the investment banking firm Vázquez & Asociados (VAZAS)and had a joint venture with CNI Asesores Financieros and Credit Suisse First Boston, engaged specifically in the field of corporate finance and investment banking in Venezuela.

Since 2009, Gonzalo has acted as Managing Director of Vazas & Company LLC (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) a financial advisory firm providing investment banking services to private corporations and government agencies in Latin America.

Gonzalo earned his BA in Economics from Southern Illinois University (1984). Subsequently, he attended Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA), to pursue special studies, in particular, the Advance Corporate Finance Program (1986). He holds a Master’s (MA) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) degrees from the University of Miami, in the field of International Political Economy.

His research interests include the areas of international political economy, health, development, globalization, finance, national security, energy, and U.S.-Latin America relations.