Gustavo Morales Briceno

Gustavo Morales Briceño

Associate Director
Mr. Morales has extensive experience in financial institutions, having worked in different areas such as business, investment, planning and control. He was part of the business and operations areas of Banco Caracas for several years. He was in charge of the creation of a financial company and a leasing company and he was the CEO of both. Also, Mr. Morales was part of the board of directors for several financial enterprises of the Union Group and had responsibility for the formation and the supervision of the Liquid Assets Fund. He was the manager of the Financial Society formed by the Arrendamiento Financiero and the company Almacenadora Financiera and later he became Vice President for International Operations. Afterward, he became the Executive Investment Vice President of the Bancor Group and was in charge of coordinating activities between Banco de Inversión and Banco Commercial and responsible for the management of the mutual fund, brokerage and trust departments.

Mr. Morales also has experience as an independent consultant. In 1994, he was contracted by an important governmental bank to be in charge of the creation of the credit area and to manage the relations between the international offices and the main office. He arranged the creation of the Loans Recuperation and Administration Vice Presidency Office (risks) at the same bank. Mr. Morales worked as an associate at Coopers & Lybrand Consulting, S.A. and was in charge of audit projects (due diligence); performed as a consultant in mergers and acquisitions; acted as a consultant for companies that restructured their balance sheets and credit obligations; and handled strategic planning for financial institutions. He has hands-on experience in managing all aspects of a company’s strategic communications and investor relations and in bringing investments into the national capital market. His recent professional activity was as an executive vice president for the Federal Financial Group, which handles all of the company’s financial units. In 2008, Mr. Morales was CEO of the Bolívar Bank in Caracas.

 Mr. Morales has a degree in economics from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, Venezuela, and completed post-graduate courses in finance at Loyola University in Chicago.