Gonzalo Vazquez

Gonzalo E. Vázquez

Cofounder and Managing Director

Mr. Vázquez has extensive experience in the international and domestic capital markets, particularly in the design and implementation of debt financing (bond issues, commercial papers, etc.); the restructuring domestic and foreign liabilities; loan syndications and the instrumentation of import/export financing; and equity issues (IPOs) in local and international markets.

He has also participated in acquisitions and divestitures of companies and in the structuring of financial transactions through multilateral institutions such as the International Finance Corporation and the Interamerican Investment Corporation, as well as off-balance sheet financing arrangements.

Among other transactions, Mr. Vázquez coordinated Corimon’s multiple bonds and Eurobond issues and Cargill’s dual currencies loan. In addition, he participated in conjunction with JP Morgan in issuing securities backed by future Orimulsion sales for Bitor (Bitúmenes del Orinoco, a PDVSA subsidiary). With the participation of Credit Suisse First Boston, he was involved in the ADR issues for Venprecar and US $1 billion for CANTV.

In 1995, Mr. Vázquez founded Vázquez & Asociados and has been acting as its Managing Director. Previously, Mr. Vázquez was a co-founder and Managing Director of Oberto, Sosa, Vázquez & Associates. Prior to that, he worked as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Protinal C.A. and subsidiaries (until 1989). Until 1987, he was the assistant to the treasurer of C.A. Venezolana de Cementos (Vencemos).

Mr Vázquez earned a BA in Economics (Minor Political Science) from Southern Illinois University, December 1984. Subsequently, he attended Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA) in Caracas, Venezuela, to pursue special studies in particular the Advance Corporate Finance Program in the 1986. He holds a MA in the field of International Political Economy (International Studies) University of Miami, June 2012. Holds a PhD from the University of Miami, in the area of International Political Economy.