To Expand the Equity Base:

  • Cross-border and domestic mergers, divestitures and acquisitions of companies
  • ADR and GDR issues in the international capital markets
  • Advice to the government and potential private investors in the privatization process
  • Debt-equity swaps
  • Initial public offerings (IPOs) and listing companies on international and domestic exchanges
  • Preferred stock issues

To Enhance Liquidity and Creditworthiness:

  •  Securitization of assets
  •  Restructuring local and foreign currency liabilities
  •  Exchange of liabilities
  •  Structuring mutual funds and investment funds

To Diversify Sources of Credit:

  •  Sovereign and corporate international and domestic bond issues
  •  Structuring financing with domestic and foreign banks and multilateral institutions
  •  Development of new sources of capital

Price-Risk Transfer:

  •  Exchange of assets
  •  Structuring repurchase transactions
  •  Structuring non-recourse asset sales
  •  Structuring hedging alternatives